She kept scrolling, presented with endless vistas, gorgeous clothes, delicious food. A treasure trove of some fantasy life style, carefully composed and curated. The biomass spinning a golden web of collective desire. It was so easy to get sucked into digital nirvana and imagine someone out there truly had her ideal life. A beautiful life free of dust and worry, where the drinks are always comped and depilation doesn’t hurt because some top Beverly Hills office is performing it. She stopped scrolling, and looked up to see her reflection in the closet mirror. Noticed her posture was all curled and cringed in from her momentary escapism. Saw how tired she was from working long days, and the curves of her body that were soft, pale, and vulnerable. There I am–that’s me. Setting down the phone, she stretched and reached for her favorite outfit. She’d come to a conclusion and was ready to start the day: Her life, her image, her body were all well and good as-is, biomass be damned.

Corset/Panty: Leaf & Crown (silk backed with poplin, steel bones)

Jewelry: Asos

Photography: E Lila Stroh

Styling: Dina Arrieta

Mood: Compassionate, social media saturated


January 31, 2016