By the Morning Shore

The sea always seemed to wipe the mania of her frenetic existence away. She would remove the bit and blinders of every day life for a time, reveling in the relentlessness of waves upon the shore. The unfeeling dependability of the next one arriving was soothing, and the cycles of slight anticipation just beforehand kept her interest. The sound of the waves and the slow change of the tides were beyond her control, needing nothing from her to keep their own expansive rhythm. The sea would cradle her in its own pattern of reality, so she simply stood on the shore, allowing her heart to melt in the sun.

Garments: Leaf & Crown Clothing (Made in San Francisco)

Photography: Intellectual Photography

Styling: Dina Arrieta

Jewelry: Thrifted

Mood: Barefoot and freezing, but not showing it


January 29, 2016