Meditation in Yellow

My gaze carefully swept the room one last time. Each piece of furniture, each little knick knack, each book, and each piece of art wove together the tale of a life independent and carefully considered. They were not grandiose possessions, but they were treasured, and I had treasured spending time among them. I knew their shapes and what they meant to him; I didn’t need to pick them up to know their weight. Besides, it was time to go. As the quality of the morning light brightened from soft dawn to bright sunlight, I whispered my quiet, bittersweet good byes to the room, that little stage our story had played out upon. With a tiny smile, I wiggled my fingers goodbye to all its inhabitants, and left them with the wish to take care of him for me.

Top: Solemio

Skirt: Leaf & Crown

(saffron high-low skirt, fabric from Boulaq Suq in Cairo, Egypt)

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Photography: E Lila Stroh

Styling: Dina Arrieta

Mood: Nostalgic siesta


January 31, 2016