Rubber Candy

She grabbed the remote and pounded the mute button irritably. No matter how many songs she skipped past, they all devolved into repetitive, meaningless drivel after a minute of listening. There was just nothing worthwhile in any of the lyrics. Yet the silence now was chafing her as she paced from room to room, rocking on the balls of her bare feet, trying to decide what it was she was craving. Just one of those days she figured, fighting the feeling of sheer blandness threatening to swallow her up. Weak sunlight was filtering through the blinds with a sort of annoying, half-assed quality of it’s own. She tried to distract herself, turning away and ripping open the fridge. Peering in, she couldn’t help but laugh sheepishly in the face of her previous irritation. How sweet, she mused, he had remembered!

Dress: Leaf & Crown

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Jewelry: Boyajian Trend Gallery

Photography: Heidi Calvert

Hair & Makeup: Tasha De La Fuente

Mood: Sweaty, but adventurous


January 31, 2016