Jagged wooden splinters surged, dark against the ocean froth. They were the same glossy, rich color as the sailor’s hair she’d caught a glimpse of at the rail. His inky curls had tumbled down his sun-beaten forehead, above eyes listless and enraptured. The empty, yawning void of longing in their eyes was always the same. She was almost perturbed that didn’t know what a man looked like intact any more, without being broken open to expose their lust. Yet she still couldn’t quite sustain a feeling of empathy. She raised her eyes to the horizon, where another ship was just materializing through the fog, sails pert and at attention, ready for new discoveries. Perhaps one day she would have a conversation with  a man again, but not this particular day.

Garments: Leaf & Crown

Jewelry: Vintage

Photography:  Heidi Calvert


January 31, 2016